Wall Hoop Decor

Quantity : They are available in pack of 3 & pack of 5


Size: They are available in sizes of 4" , 6", 8", 10" and 12" (pack of 5) and 4", 6", 8" (Pack of 3). The size mentioned here is the hoop diameter


Assembly: No assembly is required. The order is shipped in a ready to use/hang state. However, if you wish to adjust / rotate the design, you can do so by opening the hoop screw and adjusting the pattern as per your need and tightening the screw again to the original position. 

Accessory for hanging: No additional accessory (Nail, etc.) is provided. You need to nail in the wall yourself and just hang on the beautiful hoops to give an amazing lift up to your walls. We recommend to layout them before placing them on the nail. These hoops are lightweight yet rigid. You may also use a stick-on hooks with double sided tape in case you don't wish to nail in the wall.

Material: The hoops are made of grade 1 Indian rose wood which is ecofriendly. Also, the fabric is made of class 1 cotton canvas material directly sourced from farming community across the western regions of India to create a sustainable environment.