Mexican Vinyl Rug Decal:

This can be customized with Any Size , Please send us a message with size & we will send you a link to order them with design rendering. 

We are offering three sizes for vinyl rug, you can choose the size from right side size drop down button.

49" x 24" = You will receive 2 panels of 49" x 12" to install together to make this size. 
49" x 29" = You will receive this in 3 panels. 
49" x 36" = you will receive this in 3 panels. 


  • P R O D U C T .  F A C T S

    •  Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective HD print with 7+ years life.
    •  They are meant for wall, tile, metal, Glass, wood, ceramic, floor tile, Cabinet, Ceiling, door, appliance, Furniture & many more.
    •  Realistic tile look
    •  Laminated
    •  High performance adhesive for long durability 
    • 100% opaque decals hence tiles are covered completely(these decals are not transparent).
    • Easily removable without leaving residues or damaging any surface.
    • Highly recommended for renters.
    • Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit.
    • Water & Heat resistance
    • Indoor & Outdoor use