O R D E R . P A C K . I N C L U D E S
QUANTITY : 48 Pieces
SIZE : You can select the size from size drop down button.
In case you need a custom size ,Write to us, We will make it without any extra cost.
If your Tile Size is 10cm x 10cm = Select Size 4" x 4"
Tile Size 15cm x 15cm = Select Size 6" x 6"
Tile Size 20cm x 20cm = Select Size 8" x 8"
COLOR: Same as picture


  • P R O D U C T . F A C T S

    •  Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective HD print with 7+ years life.
    • They are meant for wall, tile, metal, Glass, wood, ceramic, floor tile, Cabinet, Ceiling, door, appliance, Furniture & many more.
    •  Realistic tile look
    •  Laminated
    •  High performance adhesive for long durability
    •  100% opaque decals hence tiles are covered completely(these decals are not transparent).
    • Easily removable without leaving residues or damaging any surface.
    •  Highly recommended for renters.
    •  Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit.
    •  Water & Heat resistance
    •  Indoor & Outdoor use