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W E  S H I P  W O R L D  W I D E

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S  A  L  E 

We are the innovators of Tile Decals.

Our product works perfectly for Tile, Stairs, Kitchen & Bathroom Space , Floor, Furniture, Ceiling, Indoor, Outdoor, Glass, Metal, Wood & almost all the surfaces.

Tile decal is an idea to instantly transform your home by Just Peeling & Sticking!


Water proof, Heat Resistant, Oil Proof, Easily Cleanable Decal Engineered for Kitchen Backsplash, Cabinet, Counter Top Installation. 

Wall Panel

Our 49" X 24" Size Panel works on all the surfaces. If your surface is not tilled- here come the easy solution!


Removable, Water proof, High Quality long lasting Tile Decals- A perfect solution for your bathroom make over! 

Grouted Wall Panel

You can choose grouted look for your panel, Which will give you tilled look on Non Tilled surface. 


Anti Skid Vinyl Decals Designed to Hold up on High Traffic Floor Area, Say Good Bye To Old Floor & Hello! to New Flooring. 


Heat Resistant & engineered to decorate the facade of a fireplace.

Stair Riser

Peel And stick Stair Riser available in Stairs strips. Easy to Install


Premium quality Vinyl decal with heavy duty laminate developed to be used for outdoor decor. They last for 7+ years!

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